About our Glass Artistry:
Verre églomisé, or Reverse Gilding, is from the French term meaning glass gilded. It is a process where the backside of the glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf. The result is a mirror-like, reflective finish in which designs can then be engraved. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman and Egyptian eras, but its name is derived from 18th century French decorator Jean-Baptise Glomy who is responsible for its repopularization.

The glass artistry created here is a variation of techniques including reverse gilding, reverse painting, and faux etching to create the unique designs. Normally when a painting is created on canvas, it is painted from the same angle and direction that it will ultimately be viewed from when completed. It will usually begin with a rough outline and then gradually develop towards its completion and finishing touches.

Reverse gilding and painting, as the name suggests, is the exact opposite. Working first on the forward characters and filling in the background later. This technique requires the artist to paint in reverse, or 'front to back', in essence beginning where one would normally end. Many times the artist will never see the art piece's progression until finished as the viewing side is face down while being created.

Many of the pieces in the gallery are rich with symbolism, inspiring the creation of the artwork itself. Each piece is signed by the artist, Bonnie Medearis, and cataloged. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Please see our process for commissioning artwork.

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