Commissioned Work

How to commission work

Using hand crafting skills and techniques, the artist's designs are both functional and artful. Lines are sharp and graceful. Designs are elegant and flowing. With art and furnishings, everyone has their own ideas. The artist will work directly with you, taking into consideration your vision, tastes, surroundings, and environment.

What is it that you want to capture in the project, the imagery, size, and ambiance? Collaboration between you and the artist will result in not only a magnificent work of art but a design reflective of your own unique personality.

References are always available upon request; we strive to build a solid reputation for delivery of top quality work.

Rates: Commissoned piece prices depend on size, materials, and the amount of detail that goes into the artwork. Prices are in U.S. Dollars. Shipping and travel expenses are additional. If you would like to commission a piece of art, please call or e-mail our office. Thank you.
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